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ANN Spring Meeting 2018

Place: Jugendherberge Altleiningen (Youth Hostel Altleiningen)
Date: March 27-29, 2018
Registration deadline: January 22, 2018

Meeting concluded:

Photos: Group photo (serious) - Group photo (cheerful) - Dujardin awardee - Party

The Félix Dujardin Award for Best Presentation was bestowed upon:
- Federico Tenedini (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Soba Lab) "The Role of Tao Kinase in Synaptic Connectivity"
- Sarah Pfeffer (University of Ulm, Wolf Lab) "Locomotion and navigation in Cataglyphis desert ants"
- Wolf Hütteroth (University of Leipzig, Hütteroth Lab) "Voluntary passive movement"
- Florian Bilz (University of Göttingen, Fiala Lab) "Optical analysis of synaptic plasticity underlying associative learning in Drosophila melanogaster"
- Dusica Brisevac (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Kaiser Lab) "Identifying a mechanosensory pathway in charge of setting the circalunar clock"

The ANN (Arthropod Neuroscience Network) Spring Meeting is a discussion oriented meeting aimed especially at young researchers to get to know each other and to exchange ideas and technical information about arthropod and insect neuroscience. It will be held during the spring semester break of even years, effectively alternating with the Göttingen Neuroscience Meeting.

To maximize communication between participants, especially among those who come from different labs and institutes, the meeting will be held in a confined atmosphere where all the attendants stay in the same place from breakfast to night beer. We explored more than 30 Tagungshotels, academies, and youth hostels from Berlin to Konstanz, and chose the Jugendherberge Altleiningen for the venue. Up to 160 people can participate. We look forward to your attendance to make this new meeting a really fruitful one.

Link to: Final program, bus timetable, and local map

(Link to: Preliminary program and list of talks and posters)

== Presentation ==

  • All the talks and posters will be presented by young people (students, postdocs, and young lab heads and senior scientists who are less than 2-3 years after getting the position.)
  • Young people who want to participate without presentation are also welcome.
  • More established people are strongly encouraged to participate as "discussers." Your comments and suggestions will be very helpful for younger people.

== Oral sessions ==

  • We will have 5 to 6 oral sessions. Each talk will be 15-min presentation followed by 10-min discussion. Therefore we will have plenty of discussion time. (For the sake of diversity, we will have only one, or maximum two talks from each lab.)
  • We will have two "focused sessions." Topics for 2018 are:
     - Motor control
     - Learning and neuromodulation
  • Talks about any other topics are welcome. We will organize them into several sessions. We also welcome the talks about Methodology/techniques.
  • Due to the time constraints, we might have to make selection if we receive too many talk applications.

== Poster sessions ==

We will have two poster sessions at both nights after dinner. They will transform to drink sessions with beer and wine for further communication.

== Plenary Lecture ==

Dr. Jim Truman (Univ. Washington, US) will give a plenary talk about his research endeavor.

== Program ==

Tuesday 27.03
12:30-14:20  Reception
14:20-14:30  Welcome Remark
14:30-17:45  Session 1 Learning and Molecular studies
18:00-19:00  Dinner
19:00-20:00  Plenary Lecture
     “A Journey through Insect Neurobiology: Moths, Hoppers, Flies and Beyond.” (Jim Truman)
20:00-22:00  Poster
21:30-       Beer+Wine

Wednesday 28.03
         -09:00   Breakfast
09:00-12:15  Session 2 Sensory systems: olfaction, vision and hearing:
12:15-13:15  Lunch
13:15-15:40  Session 3 Motor systems and navigation
15:40-18:00  Free time
18:00-19:00  Dinner
19:00-22:00  Poster -> Beer+Wine
21:00            Small meeting for future plan
22:00-           Party (we plan to offer some music in one of the poster rooms)

Thursday 29.03
          -09:00   Breakfast
09:00-11:50  Session 4 Anatomy, Circadian clocks, Honey bee division of labor, "play-like"-behavior:
1150-1215   Broad discussion for future meeting
1215-1220   Closing remark
1220-1320   Lunch (+ ceremony of Félix Dujardin Award)

== Meeting fee ==

50 € for students
70 € for postdocs and senior scientists
90 € for lab heads

# The cost includes two nights of stay, WiFi connection voucher, all the meals, bus transportation from/to nearby train station, coffee and sweets during break, and free beer and wine at night.

== Three steps to register ==

1: Set up your user account  --> 2: Register --> 3: Pay
In the following I will explain the process in more detail.

== 1: Set up your user account ==

1: Please visit the ANN web site:
         (Note: "List of people" part is not yet ready. We will implement Sort and Search functions next year.)
2: Click "ANN Meeting" at the left tab column.
3: Click "Registration"  at the top tab row.
4: You will be asked to log in. Your Username is the your email address. (The address to which this email is sent.)
5: To setup your password, Please click "Forgot your password? Yes! :( " at the bottom of the dialogue box, and type your email address again in the next dialogue box. Then click "Reset password".
6: You will receive an email called "ANN - Reset password". Click the link to set up your password.
(You will have to combine uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and non-alphabet characters. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
7: You may be asked to provide your contact information. Please follow instruction to fill in.

== 2: Register ==

1: Click "ANN Meeting" at the left and "Registration" at the top again.
2: Please check whether your contact information is correct.
3: Follow instruction to register. Please provide information about your gender, food preference, and type of presentation.
     If you plan to present a poster, please provide a tentative title.
     If you plan to present a talk, please provide both the title and abstract.

- We will have two focused sessions for talks. Topics for 2018 are:
     - Motor control
     - Learning and neuromodulation
- Talks about any other topics are welcome. We will organize them into several sessions. We also welcome the talks about Methodology/techniques.

4: You can save and revise the contents until you are satisfied.
5: When ready, please click "Save and Submit".
6: You will see a conformation page. Please remember the "Registration ID". Use this number for payment.

== 3: Pay ==

1: Please click "Go to payment site (Converia)" at the bottom of the registration confirmation page.
2: Because payment process is provided by a separate company (Converia)", you will have to register again. Sorry for this.
   Type your email address as the Username, and click "Forgot password?"
   Type your email address again and click "Request password."
   You will receive an email called "Change password". Click the link to set up the password.

* Please make sure that you type exactly the same email address to which you receive the ANN mailing lest emails.
* If it still does not work, or if you do not receive the ANN mailing lest emails, please click the "Register now" button above the Username/Password field in the top page of the Converia site. Then provide your name, address, and email and password at the bottom of the next Participant registration page.

3: You will be asked to input your contact address again. Please provide minimum information (marked with * ) to make the invoice. Detailed information is not needed.
4: In the "Conference Control Center" page, please click the first button.
5: Select the participant type and follow instruction. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, paypal, etc. Please provide your Registration ID.

== Organizers ==

Program Organizers
 - Dr. Carmen Wellmann (Univ. Cologne)
 - Dr. Andreas Thum (Univ. Leipzig)
 - Dr. Jochen Pflueger (Free Univ. Berlin)

Logistics Organizer
 - Dr. Kei Ito (Univ. Cologne)

The meeting is financially supported by the AXA Research Fund.

Access 2018

Metting location: Jugendherberge Altleiningen (Youth Hostel Altleiningen)

Address: Burg 1, 16317 Altleiningen   /    Phone: 06356 1580

Link to Web site of JH Altleiningen

Link to Google Map of the meeting place

The JH Altleiningen is located in a castle that was built during the 16th century, on top of a hill that looks down a Y-shaped valley. Despite its isolated atmosphere, it is just 15-min bus ride (2,50 €) from a nearby train station (Grünstadt) and 3-km drive from a nearby exit of Autobahn A6 (Wattenheim). We will organize free charter busses for transportation between Grünstadt station and the meeting place at the beginning and ending of the meeting.

By Train:

Take a train to Grünstadt station. You may change to local trains at Mannheim, Mainz, Worms, etc.
Bus stop at Grünstadt is located between the platform and the station building.
Take the bus line 454 and get off at the bus stop "Altleiningen Feuerwehr".
JH Altleiningen is about 10 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Link to Train connection to Grünstadt Station ( web site)

Link to Bus connection from Grünstadt Station to Altleiningen Feuerwehr  ( web site)

Link to Bus Time Table from Grünstadt to Altleiningen Feuerwehr

Note: We will organize charter bus at the beginning and end of the meeting. Time of the charter bus will be announced later.

By Car:

Take the Autobahn A6 and exit at Hettenleidelheim / Wattenheim. Follow the signs to Wattenheim, at the 2nd roundabout follow the signs for Burg Altleiningen / Jugendherberge.