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Lab Head Name Location Organisms Research Subject Website URL
Menzel Menzel Freie Universität Berlin, Biology Honeybee Behavior Electrophysiology
Sigrist Sigrist Freie Universität Berlin, Genetics Drosophila synaptic assembly, aging and memory
Dürr Dürr Bielefeld University, Faculty of Biology Stick insect, honeybee locomotion, adaptive behaviour, active sensing, touch, biomimetics
Dürr Schmitz Bielefeld University, Faculty of Biology Stick insect locomotion, adaptive behaviour, proprioception, biomimetics
Egelhaaf Egelhaaf Bielefeld University, Neurobiology Blowflies, Bumblebees neual mechanisms underlying spatial vision and learning
Egelhaaf Lindemann Bielefeld University, Neurobiology Blowflies computational modeling of visually guided behaviour
Egelhaaf Olivier Bielefeld University, Neurobiology Bumblebees spatial navigation, behavioural analysis and modelling
Egelhaaf Roland Bielefeld University, Neurobiology Blowflies neural mechanisms underlying visual guided behaviour
Störtkuhl Störtkuhl Ruhr-University Bochum, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology Drosophila olfaction and behavior
Pankratz Pankratz University of Bonn, Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES) Drosophila larval neural circuit