Arthropod Neuroscience Network

Arthropods, including insects and crustaceans, have been particularly successful during evolution, illustrated by the huge number of different species and their ecological distributions. Their small sizes and relatively simple and accessible nervous systems have made them convenient models for laboratory experiments as well as for field studies. Although ancestors of arthropods and us mammals have segregated more than 600 million years ago, our genome, body plan, and ground framework of the nervous systems share striking similarities with arthropods. Many universal concepts of neuroscience were achieved with the use of arthropod model systems. At the same time, research on arthropods has discovered numerous examples for unique neuronal adaptations to environmental challenges with no parallels in vertebrates. Sophisticated neuronal solutions found in arthropods have inspired technical solutions and constructions for engineering, robotics and computational neuroscience.

Aims of the Arthropod Neuroscience Network are to foster the development of all fields of arthropod neuroscience and communication among all the researchers working in the field from established lab heads to young students, with a regional focus on the area in and around Germany.

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